As we walk around, in the same old road. Passing by different people every day. Seeing new faces every second.Who are we? What are the purpose of living in this world, that barely anyone will remember or even understand? Where is the position that my stand? A label does not define us, our identity defines who we are.


As I grow, the environment changes little by little. As I adapt to the changes…… Slowly I have forgotten who I am. Following the trends, keeping up to standards. Comparing myself to others to see who’s better. During the process disliking what I have, hating who I am. All the following to fulfill the standard of others.  While there is no standard, because once we reach the top, there is a higher aim to reach for, and we will never be satisfied.


While the most important factor of our life is to simply to be happy. Enjoy the every little thing that makes you smile and laugh. Making memories that you will never forget because they are part of who you are. Because of your past, that’s what make you, who you are today. I remember going to Disneyland with my friends, we went on the coffee cup, we as one just spinning together, I remember the vision in front of me is my four friends, while the background is all blurred. This is one of the strongest memory that I have because, in that moment I know what I have is enough, I am really glad and I know the value of each one of my friends.


Some of the past might be a difficult story to tell and don’t want to be brought up again. That’s okay, the story is going to be hard to tell or share because you don’t want to go through the same amount of pain or even experience. As long as the story is still part of us, it’s okay to not share.  I remember the hardest time of mine is when I have to accept the fact that, the years of friendship is forced to be separated. The thought of “friends forever” it’s just been taken away from us. I can’t believe the friends that I wake up for every day with is going to leave, we leaving for separate directions.    
Everybody have their own story, that’s either been told or not. It is still part of yourself, there should not be fear of it. Some of us might be afraid of, how others describe them. In my point of view, what others say about us, should not affect who we are or who are going to be, because they didn’t go through the same path, and difficulties as us. They haven’t stepped into the shoes of ours. They won’t understand the difficulties that we have been through, so it’s okay for them to talk. But at the same time, we have to be strong and not be knocked down by others.  


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