Room 506

By: Winnie Chiu

A room that is filled with trash,

With no respect,

No value.


Just a dull room at the end of the hallway……

But this,

One day,

A man came in,

Found this room,

Notice how distorted it is.  

He tided the room,

Bring in tables and chairs,

Place them nicely.

The next day,

Classical music coming out of the room,

This fancy man with a bow tie,

Setting up the still life.

The Hashtag:

A sign that now has represent us.   

The Airplane:

Which is a pair of wings to fly.

This MAN.

A man that is full of inspiration,



He shares,

He explains,

He teaches.

He leave his pass behind,

He gave up what he once had,

All the social standards,

All the success.

For Us!  

Every morning,

Comes in sweeps the floor,

Tidy up the mess we made last night.

I am just so sorry I should of tidied.

Sorry for all the mess…

But Thank You,

Thank you for all the afford,

Thank you for all the Love,

Thank you for all the stories,

Thank you for all the advice.

Thank you for not giving up on us…..

Thank you… So much…

I wish I could continue growing with you forever,

Till the end.

I know it might not be possible,

I know this is greedy,

I know…..

I just wish ……

The Moon upon the sky,

Will never be covered,

The stars on the sky will never fade.   

I wish this room,

Room 506

Will never be torn apart.


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